Saturday, January 23, 2010


I ate an apple all by myself. Now normally, my Mom cuts me up an apple. She chops it into little slices, and puts a gallon of Peanut Butter next to it (this was before I developed my allergy to nuts). I first asked her to peel the skins. Then I gradually began eating apples with the skins. My first thought was 'Hey, this isn't so bad.'

When I got home from class, I was totally craving an apple. I looked in the fridge, and low behold some Golden Delicious. I guessed which knife I needed to cut the apple; a little kitchen knife. I cut down the center and cut out what was necessary. I even sliced it into those classic slanted chunks, piled up some Pumpkin Seed butter, mixed it in with a little honey (more difficult than it seems... sticky stuff) and sat down to dig in.

But before I took a bite, I thought about how RIDICULOUS it is that I had NEVER prepared myself an apple! Why didn't my parents teach me this simple task? It's not even a task. It's like a right of passage. It's food for god sakes. I know how to flawlessly boil Ramen and have done it a million times before but I've never cut an apple? The hell. Shouldn't all children be taught this by like ten? They're allowed to make Mac n' cheese on the stove but not how to cut an apple. Parents encourage their children to eat healthy... but I think so many kids don't even have the knowledge to. I'm not even sure how to shop for produce, when in a year or two I could be buying my own groceries. It's funny to think about.

*snacks on bag of baby carrots*

Anyways. Back to apples.

Apples are one of the only fruits I enjoy. Next are bananas. I'm just now getting into berries... but it's a struggle. So many seeds. :/
I'm wondering how to get my tastebuds to appreciate them quicker.
I'm more of a veggie girl, but of course I'm used to cooked peas/lima beans/green beans/asparagus, etc. So I'm confused about how to eat these things raw, or if they can be consumed raw?

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