Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chia Pudding & Sunflower Seeds

New tastes and an eventful day yesterday!

Breakfast 1/23/10:

Yesterday morning I tried my hand at Chia Pudding. I had a sample which was probably about 2 tablespoons while most recipes call for at least 4 tablespoons so I had to experiment a bit. I ended with a nice little bowl of pudding for breakfast though! Mashed banana, quarter cup of water, cinnamon, agave nectar, our star the Chia Seed, and raspberries on top. I was pretty intrigued seeing the seeds turn into that "puffed up" gel. I was kind of expecting a more tapioca like substance since that's how it's been described, but I was still happy with the little smooth seeds. I ate it all but two raspberries. I'm still getting used to all of those seeds! (I'm abnormal I know.)

Lunch 1/23/10:

I was going to make kelp noodles, but I didn't feel creative enough. We don't have any salad fixings at the moment (rawr). So I opted for a good ol' box of macaroni and cheese. I was stupid and didn't eat anything else after that little bowl of chia, and I get so dizzy when I do not eat enough. So I was looking for something quick and familiar. I've noticed that the more comfortable I am making something, the more likely I am to make it. Which means I need to really get into that kitchen on my higher encouragement days and experiment with living foods.
Moving on. I had a bowl of Annie's Mac 'n cheese... organic at least, right? Better than my Easy Mac. I added a can of Trader Joe's red salmon (I'm cutting back meat, but not totally deleting it from my diet for right now). I added green onion at the end since I was craving some.

Dinner 1/23/10:

I had that WHOLE box of macaroni so I skipped out on dinner. Later on I tasted my first raw sprouted sunflower seed. I had a package of Kala Food's Cacao Mole. Maybe I'll like the Sweet Curry better because I did enjoy the nuttiness of the seeds. Then I had some Yogi's Moon Cycle Hormone Balancing tea. Of course, I got hungry again (*sigh* surprise, what happens when you stay up until 2AM) and had some Naturals Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Then I swore tomorrow would be a new day ;D

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