Friday, January 22, 2010

A beginner's crappy blog.

When I tell my friends or family I want to eat a diet of mainly raw fruits and vegetables, I do believe they look at me like I have lost my mind.

And that my friend, is why I'm struggling with raw foods. At home, I do pretty well (that is until dinner which I am expected to eat what my parents put in front of me). When I'm out to eat, I don't want weird glances from the group I am with as to why I'm asking for a fried chicken salad minus the fried chicken. I don't want to feel uppity or out of sorts. I'm on the shyer side to begin with. It just sounds SO much easier to agree to that cheeseburger someone offers you when you're in the car with them at the drive through. When you're traveling or with someone, you're kind of at their will. You are in their world, with their customs and eating habits. I know what way I would like to eat. But I'm not sure if it's realistic. I know what my health needs, even at seventeen (JRA). I feel like it is of importance for everyone in my life to eat better, but they do not. The thought of eating a box of Little Debbies sounds almost sickening to me lately. Then I get over it and want it. Then I get angry for wanting it. Then I get angry at the world for setting this as standard eating. Then I feel as though I may as well eat whatever the hell everyone else is, we're all going down in the end anyways. ...Wow, that was very cynical but I'm needing a place to be honest.

*Sigh* I have such doubts.

Moving on. (Of course any encouragement about the above is strongly encourage to all of my followers or readers)

My Mom agreed to make me a Raw Food World order a couple weeks back. I received:
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Two packages of sprouted sunflower snack packs
Nama Shoyu
Coconut Oil
Kelp Noodles
Hemp Chocolate Bar (one of the only nut free chocolate-y options I could find)
Flax Crackers
Agave Nectar
Sample of Chia Seeds

I am already the owner of raw honey, raw sunflower seeds from one of my parent's trips to Trader Joe's and quinoa. Also some Gluten Free baking goods since my mother has Celiac. Her diet mainly consists of meat and dairy though.

Currently, I'm massively lusting for some nutrional yeast, shredded coconut, more Chia Seeds, Goji berries, raw pumpkin seeds, raw apple cider vinegar, dates, and raw cocoa powder.

(And also big shiny appliances since our blender is from the 1980s and I just found out our food processor broke)

(Plus a billion dollars, donating some to Haiti before buying mah Raw supplies of course)

...Please forgive me for this massacre of a blog. Thank you.
Tune in next time for when I actually cut an apple for the first time ever at seventeen years old. ...Yes, I'm ashamed you even read that.

I've only ever read In The Raw as far as Raw Food Blogs go. If you're a big fancy blog owner, mind following me and taking me under your wing a bit? And lead me the way to your blog!


  1. Hey! Best of luck with eating raw! And Earthmother is a great mentor! :) Love her blog!!No worries, just go with the flow, you have to stay positive and you can do this! I believe in you!

  2. check out these gals! you'll love them and they have a listing of all other raw and raw-friendly blogs/peeps they love on the side bar.
    good luck and congrats on your blog!
    your honesty and writing are great.
    you will help so many!

  3. If you go to In The Raw and scroll down through the left sidebar, you will see RAW BLOGOSPHERE.

    At any given time, you'll find the 5 most recent posts listed from a myriad of raw blogs (the feed is constantly updating 24/7). If you click on "View All," you will be taken to the RSS feed that lists a b'zillion different raw food blogs. Peruse the list, and click on ones you'd like to subscribe to yourself.

    Sent out a tweet this morning, to try to get folks over here. I see a couple have already arrived. ツ
    Click on their names and you will be transported to their sites.

  4. Thanks Adrienne for the mention : ) xoxo

    Hello we are the pure2raw twins. We wanted to wish you the best of luck on your journey and we are here for any help or support you many need!!! Remember to do what is best for you!!!

    Our family did not understand when we first started 2 years ago, just give them time. We went raw for many health reasons and share our journey on our blog.

    Best wishes!!

    Pure2Raw twins

  5. Lauren- Thank you! Earth Mother has inspired me to take some big leaps!

    the5050dietplan- Thanks for the compliment! I've been writing for an online teenage magazine ( for over a year now! I really enjoy writing.

    Earth Mother- Whoa, I wasn't expecting you to actually tweet the link! You're an important lady! I feel so honored. Thank you for the navigation instructions. Websites I can get around, but blogs baffle me a bit. So different. I can't thank you enough for the tweet, I squealed when I saw it. You're a celeb in my book!

    Pure2Raw Twins- Oh oh! I've read some of your blog! I'm likewise honored to get a comment. I have your nut free ice cream bookmarked for when I get the ingredients. I was so psyched to see it, it breaks my heart every time I see an ice cream recipe with cashews or almonds *sigh*
    I'm currently trying to see if there's a way I can 'subscribe' to you two. I'm still out lost in Blog land, haha.
    Thank you for commenting! This means so much. I'm all overwhelmed and flustered now lol

  6. It's so great that at 17 you've discovered this raw world. I wish I had. I completely understand what it's like to have a family that's critical of your raw-ness. Stick to your guns and try not to get defensive...when you're glowing and healthy and everyone else is catching that cold they'll think twice :)

    My blog is just as new as yours, so we can be in this together! Happy eating :)

  7. Thank you very much Lori! I'm following your blog. I like your banner thing on the side! I don't know how to customize mine. Hmm. My poor blog needs a good facelift. I'll have to poke around and see what I can do :/
    Yeah, I need to just eat well whenever possible. I don't want to disrespect my parents about dinner. But they're a meat and potatoes family. My Dad is CONSTANTLY barbecuing as soon as it hits 60 degrees.
    I've made it clear to my parents I'd like some more fresh fruits and veggies in the house, and they've been pretty good about it. I was surprised when my Mom came home with blueberries and blackberries last night!